14 9 / 2014

Moments like this when suddenly, I feel like crying and breaking down. When all of a sudden, I’ll miss you so much that every piece of me breaks. I love you so much, anak. I miss you. Can’t go on a day without feeling this emptiness in my life since you’ve left me. I miss you so much, my Eli. Mommy loves you and will never forget you, baby. How I wish you were here to stay. πŸ˜”πŸ˜’πŸ˜₯πŸ’”πŸ‘Ό

06 9 / 2014

'Tis the 9th day since you left us, and I miss you oh so much. I love you so much, my Eli. Please stay beside mommy all the time.

04 9 / 2014

Good morning, my Eli. It’s only been a week and the pain feels like it will last forever. I miss you so much baby. I’ll never be contented with hugging and smelling the things you left with mommy. I want you to be the one that i am cuddling right now, angel. I love you so much.

04 9 / 2014

I love you so much, my Eli Cade! I know that you do feel how much mommy misses you.

03 9 / 2014

That you were only lent for a very short time. Thought I’ll be given the chance to take care of you for years, however, I was just only given not more then a month. A few days, I was only given a few days, truly precious few days of my life. Days that I will forever treasure. Days that I will never seem to forget. Days that I will always be thankful for. Days that I will never regret having. Days containing mixtures of bitter, painful but mostly sweet memories. Days that I was able to feel and touch my piece of heaven. I love you, Eli!

02 9 / 2014

How I wish you’re still here with me! I long to touch your beautiful face, your soft hands, your tiny feet, your prominent nose, your hairy forehead. I love and miss you so much, Eli. You are mommy’s angel.

02 9 / 2014

Nobody can ever fill this huge void in my heart, nobody but you. You’ve taken a part of me along when you left. I love you so much that it hurts to wake up everyday knowing that I won’t be able to feel the touch of your skin ever. I miss you so much, baby eli. I miss you, my guardian angel.

31 8 / 2014

It all happened unexpectedly. One minute you were inside and next thing I know, you’re already gone. It hurts so much. It hurts when I miss you kicking from the inside. It hurts not being able to hold your tiny hands. It hurts not being able to feel your skin. To touch your forehead and feel the contours of your angelic face. I miss you so much, Eli Cade.
Waking up knowing that I won’t be able to watch after you till you grow older is just unbearable. You were my wish granted and now, my shattered dream.
Nonetheless, your physical absence in this world will not hinder me to feel your presence. You’ll always be in my mind, forever in my heart. You’ll always be my baby, Eli. You’ll always be my first born. We may have only been together for a short span of time, yet I know that we’ll love each other forever.
You’ll be my guardian angel. Guide me, always. I hope you’re happy now with your halo and your wings. No matter where I go, I know that I have someone to watch over me all the time. I love you so much my guardian angel.

01 8 / 2014

I miss you when you stop kicking. πŸ˜˜β€οΈπŸ‘£